The Theosophical Society offers various study courses based upon the concepts and principles of the ageless wisdom, for exploration and as a mechanism for the understanding and awakening of one’s own inner nature.  Some of these courses are free while for others there is a small commitment required.  You are welcome to download or view these courses, however to gain a deeper understanding, we do recommend studying with others or joining one of our Centres around New Zealand to explore these ideas more fully.

You can study theosophy for free at your own time by enrolling in the correspondence course on Basic Theosophy.


This course in Theosophy is offered in the hope of helping students to find meaning in the midst of life’s confusions.  The course explores some of the universal principles which help gain get a wider view of life.   Registration is Free and is available on

Theosophy tells us that we are pilgrims, implying that we are on a journey to a particular place. If we decide that we are indeed pilgrims and start to look for the path that will take us to the goal of our pilgrimage, we should also have some idea of why we are traveling and where we are headed. 

By Anna Kennedy Winner

A 10 Part Introduction of the Wisdom Tradition

By Gaile V Campbell

Second Edition, 2008

This simplified course of Raja Yoga is based on the author's experience in its practice under personal tuition and with the benefit of a wide study of yogic literature.  The books on the s

This is a study course based on the book The Technique of the Spiritual Life by Clara Codd.

This course is designed for use either in groups or by individuals.

This course covers some of the fundamentals of the Ancient or Ageless Wisdom teachings distilled from that knowledge known and held from the beginnings of the progressive development of the human entity on Planet Earth.

This is a study introducing Theosophy as presented through the modern Theosophical Society.