Central Region Gathering August 2022





Impacting Global Consciousness

A Theosophical Exploration of Cultural Spirituality

Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 August 2022


Registration:  $40 per person

   Members:   $30 per person

Email:  pn@theosophy.nz for enquiries and registration or phone (06) 353 6221 or mobile 027 240 2069

Venue:  Theosophical Society, 304 Church Street, Palmerston North


Programme Saturday 20 August

  • Cultural experiences and their impact on the pathway of our lives. Members of the audience will also be invited to participate.
  • The Universal Wisdom Tradition – In every age and culture there have been those who have searched within themselves for the source of light and goodness. At the heart of the outer teachings there is a way of life and a training appropriate to this inner quest.
  • Māori Spirituality from ancestral times to the introduction of Christianity, Tahu Potiki Ratana – the Great Prophet and founder of the Ratana Church.
  • The One Life – All is Energy – All is Consciousness -  includes energy healing, why it is needed, and the Daily Energy Routine (exercise).
  • Ethnobotany – The development of Maori and Pacific horticultural projects and our national Maori Horticultural Collective.
  • Spirituality and First Nation Peoples – Aborigine, North American and Canadian Indians.
  • Drumming and Didgeridoo meditative experience.

Programme Sunday 21 August

  • Wildbase Recovery Centre. Geoff, who is a Support Officer at the centre will explain how the Centre operates to ensure the safety of our native species.
  • Biculturalism to Multiculturalism. On the spiritual journey from centuries of global colonisation, supremacy and racism to a fully-diverse global consciousness.
  • Dame Whina Cooper (1895-1994). Portions of a letter penned by Dame Whina Cooper which expresses her view of unity within Aotearoa-New Zealand one nation, one people will be read.
  • Closing Song and Blessing - Te Aroha