Central Region Workshop

25 Aug to 26 Aug 2018

 Workshop in conjunction with The Theosophical Society Central Region

(from Hawkes Bay over to New Plymouth and down to Wellington) 

Facilitators from Wellington, Hawkes Bay and Palmerston North.


  • 'Geopathic Stress Lines, their effect on our health and how to minimise their effect.' Quantum Biofeedback and what it can do to reduce stress in our lives and make us well again.  A practical demonstration. - Bryan Pollock (Wellington previously New Plymouth) and Allan Morse (Wellington)
  • 'Humans, Energy and Healing' - Terry Murphy (Hawkes Bay) will explore the current thinking on the nature of energy, the history of energy and how we use it in our daily work. 
  • ‘Yoga Nidra or Yogic Sleep for Self-Healing’ - Sushma Webber (Wellington) It is said we are living in a sleep-deprived society resulting in long-term consequences such as heart problems, diabetes and obesity to name a few. Recent studies have found that Yoga Nidra, an ancient yogic technique, has many physical benefits. However, the Yoga Nidra practice is rooted in awareness and helps in self-transformation when practiced regularly.
  • 'Yoga of Light Meditation' - Dr Simon Webber (Wellington) The Yoga of Light meditation was devised by Geoffrey Hodson, author and well known, and respected, member of the Theosophical Society, as a guide to one's meditation practice.  Simon will talk about the 'Yoga of Light' method and then lead a meditation using this guideline.
  • ‘The Energy of Love’– with ‘Ekanta’ - Helen Sussmilch. “If you see with the eyes of Love, Love is all you see.” Using contributions from the teachings of Patanjali, Jesus Christ and the Ishayas. Covering how to regain our authenticity, healing the Shadow Self, and living with simplicity.   
  • ‘Our Energy Systems and the Daily Energy Routine’  – Anthea Clement  – Knowledge of the human energy systems can aid us to help ourselves (and others) to better complete health - includes practical.

Begins Saturday 25 August 9.30 am  and finishes 3.30 pm Sunday 26 August followed by refreshments -


Registration fee includes a light lunch both days -                                                                     

  • Members (financial) - $15 plus a contribution to the Saturday evening vegetarian and vegan dinner.                                                                                                                                               
  • Non-members - $30 plus a contribution to the Saturday evening vegetarian and vegan dinner.

Registrations to reach PNTS by 22 August.                                                                                       

To register -  Branch Members - give your name and registration fee to your Branch President.  PNTS members and other interested people - email pn@theosophy.nz with your name and for direct payment bank account details, or send your name and cheque payable to Palmerston North Theosophical Society to  P N Theosophical Society, 304 Church Street, Palmerston N orth 4410 - 
For any other questions email pn@theosophy.nz or phone (06) 353 6221 or 027 2402069