Convention 2019

17 Jan to 22 Jan 2019

Connectivity and Responsibility 

Exploring an aspect of theosophy related to the Three Fundamental Propositions as proposed by HP Blavatsky, in todays world.  What does Theosophy and modern science have to share with us on these ideas.

Guest Speakers:

Betty Bland, past National President of the Theosophical Society in America and now retired to Raleigh, North Carolina, has presented workshops and lectures on the spiritual life both in the United States and abroad.  Her professional life has included work as a teacher, employment counselor, systems analyst, and entrepreneur.  In addition to being a social activist, she sings in the choir and plays the bells at her local Episcopal Church; volunteers at a “Cat House,” SAFE Haven for Cats a no-kill, adoptive cat rescue; and chairs a local Theosophical Study Center.

David H. Bland.  During Betty’s tenure as TSA President, David's corporate and government experience served him well in managing QuestBooks Publishing House, a multimillion dollar Capital Funds Campaign, and several major renovation projects that the TSA Board undertook. After retiring to Raleigh, NC, David immersed himself in a Senior Learning program at North Carolina State University, the state and local political scene, and a nationwide social justice campaign to address the social and economic divide that threatens our Nation.


Venue:  Napier Girls High School

Dates:  Thursday 17 January 2019 evening to Tuesday 22 January 2019 evening

AGM:  Friday 18 January 2019 starting at 9.15am


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Convention 2019 - Registration
Napier Girls High School
Thursday 17th January at 7:30pm