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Theosophical Worldview
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 A Theosophical Worldview: the Power revealed

  Director of Studies:   Dorothy Bell

Date:    4 - 7 May

Venue:  Auckland Theosophical Centre

Overall Important Aim:

To enjoy special kinship that goes with sharing problems, challenges and joys of the  Theosophical and human journey.

Specific Aim: 

To take up the gauntlet thrown down by the inner founders of the Theosophical Society - to see if ‘their doctrines’ (Theosophy) propose a “right and logical explanation” of universal problems in human life situations; to see if this is a way of making Theosophy ‘hands on’ and practical

Why this Aim?

  • At the 2016 Indo-Pacific Conference, “practical Theosophy” emerged as a common call. But this is not new. In  The Original Programme of the Theosophical Society in the late 1800s, a Master said,  Theosophy must be made practical”.  
  • Perhaps it is time to experiment with different approaches, and for the TS NZ 2017 School of Theosophy an investigative inquiry approach will be used to connect and apply fundamental Theosophical ideas to our difficult human experiences for ‘a right and logical explanation’.
  • Together we will work with this approach to see if we can glimpse its potential as a tool to make ‘Theosophy practical’ in our own lives in understanding and resolving problems.
  • In this context, exploring its potential to be a ‘spiritual practice’ may go partway towards fulfilling HPB’s wish that Theosophy would grow more and more as a living power in our lives.


Using a variety of sources and different techniques of learning - lecture input, full group discussion, small group and individual tasks, role play and fieldwork -  we will build our knowledge and skill base for this investigative inquiry. Pre-reading material will be sent to all participants to provide an essential resource base for the Inquiry - as will the life experiences of all participants.

Related to the Overall Important Aim (above)   

  • Excellent catering, conversation and accommodation - value for money!
  • Talent Quest - We were born to be creative and to seize opportunities to do so when they arise. So imitating bird calls, yodelling and an occasional Highland Fling have been declared legitimate ‘items’ by the School of Theosophy Social Committee. The Australian habit of whistling with a bent leaf of a gum tree has been declared inadmissable for obvious reasons.
  • The Best Joke and the Best Laugh competitions will run side by side to assist the judges as well as to reduce time and costs.

Dorothy Bell          
                                                                                                                                    Director of Studies 


Dorothy Bell BA, MEd, Fulbright scholar (Education). After her career in teaching, school administration, research and education consultancy, Dorothy trained in counselling and company directorship — recently working 11 years on the board of a government corporation. Joining the Theosophical Society in 1999, she served on the Australian TS national executive committee and education unit, travelled extensively and presented talks and published articles in the United States, India, New Zealand and Australia. Her special interest is the psychology and methodologies of transformation of consciousness by “the living power of Theosophy.”



Please note places are limited to New Zeland members only.  To secure a place all persons attending the school are required to complete the online registration form below or print and fill out  this form and send to 18 Belvedere Street, Epsom, Auckland, 1051, together with the full registration fee.  Alternatively the form can be emailed to: and must include details of electronic payment of registration fee.

Costs: Registration $70 non-refundable fee for the four days.  This includes registration, lunch served daily and morning and afternoon teas.  To secure a place, payment must accompany registration form. 

Accommodation:   VASANTA HOUSE. 18 Belvedere Street, Epsom, Auckland. Shared accommodation is available for $100 and this includes five nights accommodation and self-serve breakfast daily in the upstairs k itchen. This applies to out of town attendees only for the Wednesday  through to Sunday nights only and extra nights are $40 per person per night.


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