School of Theosophy - Spring

9 Oct to 15 Oct 2019
Jacques Mahnich

Theme: Living Theosophy in the 21st Century​

9 to 15 October 2019

Generic Description​

We are living at a time where the evolution of our human civilizations is accelerating. Values, ethics & community's life models are changing rapidly. Science and Technologies are reshaping the landscape of our human development. Ancient Wisdom teachings are more than ever a robust  guide on an ever-moving path. Their application to day-to-day life requires an adaptation to the new challenges.​

This Summer School proposes an assessment of the current world situation, a diagnostic of the root causes of human behavior, and a review of the main principles/practices of the Ancient Wisdom. It is centered around human modes of being, and their modes of application/adaptation for a transformation of these modes of being to better accompany the human evolution trajectory.​

Detailed Description​

  • Introduction
  • World Vision
  • Causal analysis/ Root causes of suffering
  • Science evolution / Technological revolutions
  • Building Bridges Between Science & Traditions
  • Transformation/Adaptation - The 4 Yogas
  • Practices from the Traditions of the World
  • Difficulties/Pitfalls & Remedies/Aids
  • Conclusion


Jacques Mahnich spent his professional carrier in Aeronautical Engineering Industry, specialized in Aircraft Powerplants Systems. He is a regular member of the French Theosophical Society, Adyar, since 1978, and of TOS-France. He is the founder of a Theosophical Study Group in the South of France, and he supports regular theosophical training courses and conferences. Involved in theosophical activities at the international level, he is a member of ITC (International Theosophical Conferences Inc.), a worldwide lecturer, the co-founder of a web blog dedicated to the search for the origin of the Stanzas of Dzyan, and the co-founder of a web-based Project which publish a quarterly review of Researches Relevant to Theosophy.


Auckland Theosophical Centre, 4 Warborough Avenue, Epsom, Auckland

  Enquires to:  or (09) 523-1797​
  For Costs:

Registration only $140 (registration is non-refundable).  This includes registration, lunch served daily (Wed-Thu- Fri-Sat-Sun-Mon-Tue) and morning and afternoon teas during the event.​

Registration plus Accommodation - $280.00  (registration is non-refundable).  At Vasanta House, 10 Warborough Ave, Epsom, Auckland.  This includes Shared accommodation is available for an additional $140 and this includes accommodation and self- serve breakfast daily in the upstairs kitchen.










Registration only (no accommodation)
4 Warborough Avenue, Epsom, Auckland
Wednesday 9th October at 9:15am
Registration and accommodation
Wednesday 9th October at 9:15am