Sunday Evening 7pm Online Meditation

9 Aug to 20 Dec 2020
Zoom meditation


Every Sunday evening at 7pm you are welcome to join in on via Zoom where members come together for a 20-minute meditation session.


The purpose of this meditation is to connect with our inner being/nature and through that inner connection link up with each other to bring about harmony and unity.

It is a silent meditation where we focus our attention on a self-chosen object, such as observing our breath and bring about an inner awareness.  The process is explained in the meditation pamphlet that came with the last issue of TheoSophia.

The Zoom details 7pm on Sundays is:

    Meeting ID: 8129210894
    Passcode: 314057

The Meditation Process

  1. If you are already familiar with the process of meditation then you will use whatever silent process works for you during this meditation.
  2. If you are new to meditation there here are a few simple pointers:

To be able to meditate we must learn to understand the difference between our true nature and the nature of the mind which likes to absorb our attention.

To help focus our attention it is helpful to use something to keep the attention focused on.

  • Such as by counting inward and outward breath.  When we become distracted by the mind we loose out count and when we realise this we simply bring our attention back to our focus and start counting again.  With consistent practice this becomes easier.
  • We can use almost any object to focus our attention:

            Our Breathing
            A Candle flame
            An Image,

  • So the first steps are to develop this focused attention and awareness and eventually one slips deeper into their inner nature.
  • Remember, thoughts are not always our own.  They often just pass through our mind and distract us.  So it is good to be aware that the thoughts are just passing through without getting caught by them.  

The Meditation

1. Sit comfortably

2. Take a few deep breaths while scanning the body, feelings and thoughts for any discomfort.  Breath through them until you relax

3. Be aware of thoughts that pass through the mind.  Don’t get caught up in them, just be aware.

4. Now focus your attention in awareness.   Use the breath if you wish, counting each breath, 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on.  If you lose count start again.

5. A bell will ring every few minutes to gently bring your attention to your focus.

At the conclusion of the meditation the Universal Invocation will be read out to help create a strong link with each other.


Zoom Mediation
Sunday 9th August at 7:00pm