Indo-Pacific Conference 2016

Indo-Pacific Conference
Thursday, February 23, 2017

Indo-Pacific Federation Conference 2017

The confernece was hosted by the New Zealand Section from 14 to 19 October 2016 at the Rose Park Hotel in Auckland, New Zealand.  We had over 100 register for the conference for many of the Indo-Pacific region and beyound.  It was a privalige to welcome members from Australia, Singapore, India. The Philipines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brazil, Argintena, USA, France and of course New Zealand.

The theme of the conference was 'The Why of the Theosophical Society.'

Below are videos of some of the presentations during the conference.


The Critical Change with International President Tim Boyd 


Getting to the Heart of the Matter - Dorothy Bell


The Theosophical Society: Body, Soul and Spiritwith Pedro Oliveira


Special TOS Session with Renee Sell followed by TOS discussion panel


The Importance of Centre by International President Tim Boyd


Applied Theosophy – The Pivotal Factor for the 21st Century with Vic Hao Chin 


An Overview of the Mahatma Letters -- Chong Sanne


The TS and the Rise of Global Consciousness - Murray Stentiford 


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