Our Strategic Focus

Our Strategic Focus

From 2020 to 2024 we are focusing on the following Goals and Objectives.

Our Goals

  1. To encourage members in the exploration of theosophy and the unfoldment of their inner nature
  2. To Create greater public visibility and awareness of theosophy

     The above goals will be achieved through meeting the following objectives:

Goal 1 - To encourage ongoing exploration of Theosophy

  •     Develop our people and potential leaders through an ongoing programme of workshops/events and mentoring:
  •     Developing reusable practical study programmes in collaboration with TS branches and centres:
  •     Offering quality events with mixture of head and heart learning:

Goal 2 -   To create greater visibility of the Theosophical Society

  •     Engage in active promotion of the Theosophical Society through online advertising options:
  •     Greater involvement in community programmes including targeted sponsorship: