Working Group Nominations

Nominations are open for the following Working Groups for a three year term as defined by the Working Group Procedures.   In all cases nominations should be sent to the National President: by 1 March 2020.  Applications are to include a statement containing reasons why the applicant feel they could contribute to the Working Group.

1. Audit and Risk

Terms of Reference: 

Purpose: To assist the Governance Board in its oversight of the of financial reporting, including supporting the Board in meeting its responsibilities regarding financial statements and the financial reporting systems and internal controls.

Scope: Engage a professional external auditors to review TSNZ financial process on a regular 3 yearly bases;
Monitor, on behalf of the Board, the effectiveness and objectivity of internal and external auditors;
Ensure TSNZ has appropriate audit and risk processes and procedures in place to mitigate any future risk.

Deliverables: Provide input to the Board in its assessment of risks as part of the overall setting of strategy for the TSNZ;
Assist the Board in its oversight of TSNZ’s risk management framework.

2. Policy & Procedures

Terms of Reference:

Purpose: To develop policy and procedures for TSNZ as required by the Governance Board and review existing policies every three years to ensure that they are clear and reflect current needs both practically and legally for approval by the Board.

Scope: To seek professional advice on the state of our current policies and procedures to ensure we meet legal requirement and that we have in place required policies for our type of organisation.
To review all policies and procedures on a 3 yearly cycle.
To develop any new policies or procedures that may be required.

Deliverables:  A regular audit of all policies and procedures and to forward to the Governance Board any that require updating

3. Constitution

Terms of Reference

Purpose: To review the Constitution and bylaws ensuring that they are fit for purpose.

Scope:  Reviewing areas in the Constitution to ensure that they are fit for purpose and put forward appropriate changes;
Receiving requests to review certain areas of the Constitution
Considering changes proposed by Members, Officers and Committees / Working Groups;

Deliverables: Recommending proposed changes to Governance Board for approval.