Nominations are now open for the position of two Governance Board members for the Theosophical Society in New Zealand Inc. These are for a three-year term, commencing at the end of the AGM in January 2021. 

Nominations must be in writing and proposed by five current members of the Society, who have been members in good standing for no less than three consecutive years.  Candidates must be aware of the nomination and skills requirement for the position as outlined in the attached document.

Candidates are to provide, along with their nominations, on the A4 page:

  1.   A short statement of their background.
  2.   A visionary statement.
  3.   A passport size photo.
  4.   Previous experience including relevant experience in leadership, finance, governance, strategy and policy development or similar leadership and business skills.

These details will be included in the ballot paper.

Nominations with all the required details must reach the Election Officer by 4pm Wednesday 30 September 2020 at 18 Belvedere St, Epsom, Auckland 1051.

Governance Board