This book was conceived as a memento with a few copies for close family and friends.  With suggestions and encouragement it was decided to print further copies as it could possible have something helpful to other people, in a wider sphere.


The poems contained herein give expression to the spiritual longing and experiences of the author, who, because of his, clairvoyant powers, well able to bring a sense of conviction into his writings as to the reality of the spiritual world around


This book is for those seeking insight into the spiritual life, this book by Geoffrey Hodson, published posthumously, offers interpretations of the Old Testament stories that otherwise may seem to defy reason and common sense.


This new book takes the reader beyond the confines of orthodox conceptions, and with clearly expressed interpretation of the symbology of Egyptian religious art, it opens up a unique and profound understanding of this fascinating civilisation.


This book is a collection of study material compiled by John Sell over many years of leading very successful study groups in New Zealand.   The book explores a variety of Theosophical subjects and includes practical exercises and meditations.


The Path of Hastened Unfoldment is one of Geoffrey Hodson’s key teachings and this book is composed of material pertaining to this very subject.  It is thus particularly relevant for the serious student, whether he or she be an aspirant, disciple, or Initiate.


In this issue we have a selection of articles on The Voice of the Silence, The Theosophical Life, Spotlight on Theosophical Authors and Yoga.


In this issue. Theosophy: Remedy for a Sick World, Theosophy as Science, Blavatsky, Phenomena and Parapsychology, Why Atlantis was not an Atlantic Continent......

December 2016 Issues 


The Science and Esotericsm of Occult Chemistry  - Bette Stickbauer-Harris


In this issue:  The Public Work of the T.S. by Pablo Sender; Compassion by Barry Brailsford; Keepers and Shares of the Ageless Wisdom by Victor Penaranda