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Sharing the Light Vol 3
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This volume is the third in the series of writings of Geoffrey Hodson who was an internationally known spiritual teacher and writer and who inspired and helped many people around the world.  It consists of pamphlets, booklets and small books, many of which are not widely known.  Included is a discussion with Geoffrey Hodson, not previosuly published and a booklet by Dr David Lyness who collaborated with Geoffrey Hodson on some original research.

The material covers a wide range of themes including clairvoyant research, an overview of theosophy, esoteric Christianity, the way to the Masters, death, Masonry and some thoughts on Krishnamurti, to mention a few.

Some of his most valuable insights are to be found in his practical writings on how to live a spiritual life.  This material includes thoughts on health, parenthood, marriage and sex.  There is a wealth of insight and inspiraton for anyone who aspires to know what our purpose in life is and how we can attain it.


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