Theosophy New Zealand hosts events throughout the year which are generally open to anyone interested in learning more about themselves in relation to who they are and what life is all about. We encourage enquiry with open hearts and minds into world religions, philosophy, science and the arts; and to support the individual's endeavours to understand and apply the ageless wisdom, respect and honour all life, and pursue spiritual self-realisation.

You can view our events archive here to see any past events.

  • School of Theosophy 2024 - Impediments to Self-Awakening with Barry Bowden. The school will run from Thursday 25 April to Sunday 28 April. Registration will open on 1st March 2024 - you can register online or look out for the registration form in the March issue of Theosophia.
  • Adyar School of Wisdom

    The International Theosophical Headquarter in Adyar, Chennai each year holds a series of events called the Schools of Wisdom which are available to members to attend. These events generally take place in Blavatsky Bungalow on the property, with classes conducted by respected presenters.