What is Theosophy

There are a range of pamphlets available that can be viewed online.  These pamphlets are also available at Theosophical Centres around New Zealand or through the New Zealand National Office in Epsom, Auckland.

Centres are able to order the pamphlets through the National Office at any time.

They cover a range of topics such as:

  • What is Theosophy
  • Q&A on Theosophy
  • The meaning of the Theosophical Emblem
  • The Art of Meditation
  • Life After Death
  • Reincarnation
  • Karma
  • and more

You can view the pamphlets by following the link below:

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Exploring the Mysteries of Existence.


Exploring the Mysteries of Existence

The Theosophical Society was founded in 1875 and developed its own framework of ideas which, at that time, were completely new.  Since then, many of these ideas have been expressed by transpersonal psychologists from Carl Jung onwards, by physicists, biologist, scientists, spiritual healers and other truth seeking groups towards a holistic view of the universe.

At its heart the Theosophical Society is founded on the concept that there is a stream of life, energy or consciousness that connects everything.  Some people call this God or Brahma, while others see it as 'intelligence'.  Secondly, that everything in the universe has its own time and cycle and that our soul is on an eternal pilgrimage of continuing unfoldment.

The theosophical approach is not based on rigid belief but is rather an exploration or search for meaning in life and, as a natural follow-on, for the right ethical approach to everyday living.

The broad area of search is the body of truths known as the Ageless Wisdom which, although often veiled in symbol and allegory, forms the basis of the great religions and philosophies of humanity.  These have been present throughout the ages and were taught in the scriptures of ancient India, in the Mystery Schools of Egypt and Greece and as te esoteric knowledge of the early Christians and have been handed down from master to pupil ever since.

This booklet offers only a few glimpses of hos the study of theosophy can shed light on the mysteries of existence, it will be enough for you to test, with your own inner understanding, the validity of the ideas which follow.

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