National Library

Photo of library with Geoffrey Hodson picture

The National Section houses the Geoffrey Hodson Library with a ‘Lending Library’ available to members comprising a unique collection of sacred texts and significant works on philosophy, science, and the world’s religions. In this way, the reader can follow the recurrent ideas that have helped people of all cultures find a deeper meaning in life. Many of the resources in the library are unique, and not easily found in mainstream libraries.

Included is a wealth of material on Western Philosophy, comparative religion and mythology, Theosophy, Mysticism, Alchemy, Mystery Schools and material from various Ancient Wisdom Traditions as well as leading-edge fields of science.

The primary objective of the Library is to provide members with easy access to book resources for each to research into the Ancient Wisdom Traditions today, with particular regard to the library’s mission statement:

To support its members and others who are in sympathy with The Society’s Objects and to provide an environment where seekers and students can read, study, and take books out for the purpose of deepening and broadening their understanding of theosophy, comparative study of religion, philosophy, science and the spiritual aspects of life.

Library Catalogue

The library catalogue can be viewed online at which will take you to the “National Section Theosophical Society.” You can then conduct a search of books or authors in the ‘Search’ box.

Note: the results of the search will show “Items available for loan: National Section” or “Items available for reference: National Section.” Items available for reference cannot be taken out of the library, only items for loan are available for borrowing.

Borrowing books

  • Any member of the Theosophical Society in New Zealand may borrow from the National Section Library.

  • To borrow a book call (09) 523 1797, email or visit the library in person.

  • Requests can be posted within New Zealand at no cost to the borrower, but must be returned at the borrower’s cost, preferably by courier service.

  • Each person may borrow up to 2 books at a time.

  • Each item can be borrowed for 4 weeks and can be renewed twice by phone or email. The renewal period is 2 weeks.

  • There will be a fine for overdue books.

Opening Hours

The Library is situated in Vasanta House at 10 Warborough Ave, Epsom, Auckland, and open to visitors on -

~ Wednesdays (by appointment only)

~ Thursdays from 10am to 2.00pm and at other times by arrangement.