Membership resources

In this section

  • Self-Study Courses

    The Theosophical Society offers various study courses based upon the concepts and principles of the ageless wisdom, for exploration and as a mechanism for the understanding and awakening of one’s own inner nature.
  • Essential Reading

    The following are some short articles worth reading and reflecting on regarding the Theosophical Membership. It helps to give a more in-depth understanding regarding the Theosophical Journey, what is meant by Freedom of Thought, and the meaning of Truth.
  • Educational Sponsorship

    To provide an opportunity to attend National Section educational events. Theosophical explorations are an important aspect of personal development and help the local groups to grow in strength. For this purpose, The Theosophical Society allocates a limited amount of funding toward sponsorship each year.
  • Pamphlets


    There are a range of pamphlets available that can be viewed online.  These pamphlets are also available at Theosophical Centres around New Zealand or through the New Zealand National Office in Epsom, Auckland.

  • Theosophical Links

    Links to useful Theosophical websites around the world which contain resources you might find helpful personally and in the branch or group.
  • Membership Branch Transfer Form

    The Membership Transfer Form is used when a member wishes to transfer their membership from their current branch to another branch or to the National Section. It must be filled out by the member concerned, who then passes it on to the branch secretary for it to be processed.
  • Members Only Resources (must log in to access)

    This section gives members access to details of resources such from minutes of Management Team, Governance Board, and General Meetings as well as the Constitution, Bylaws, and Policies. You will need to log in to the website with your email address and password to gain access.