Essential Reading

The following are some short articles worth reading and reflecting on regarding the Theosophical Membership.  It helps to give a more in-depth understanding regarding the Theosophical Journey, what is meant by Freedom of Thought, and the meaning of Truth.

In this section

  • An Unending Path by Tim Boyd

    An unending Path by Tim Boyd.  (2020). The Theosophist, vol. 141. N. 8 (PDF)

  • Freedom of Thought: Is it Essential?

    A Society which holds freedom of thought as a pivotal principle, respecting each individual’s thinking processes and  unique approach to the sacred, is rare. And to belong to such a Society is an uncommon privilege.

  • Why Freedom of Thought?

    Why has freedom of thought been an important policy of the Theosophical Society since its beginning in 1875?

  • What is Truth?

    What is Truth?" asked Pilate of one who, if the claims of the Christian Church are even approximately correct, must have known it. But He kept silent.