Educational Sponsorship


To provide an opportunity to attend National Section educational events.

Theosophical explorations are an important aspect of personal development and help the local groups to grow in strength. For this purpose, The Theosophical Society allocates a limited amount of funding toward sponsorship each year.

Sponsorship may be allocated to events promoting theosophical educational programmes either in New Zealand or internationally. 

Criteria of Sponsorship

Applicants must:

  • Be a financial member of The New Zealand Theosophical Society in New Zealand Inc.
  • Apply by completing the official ‘Educational Sponsorship Application Form’ at least six (6) weeks prior to the event;
  • Applicants can only receive one sponsorship per financial year (1 October – 30 September)
  • Applicants must agree and adhere to the criteria for sponsorship and accept decisions made with no right of appeal.
  • Send a written report of the event to attention the National President at the Theosophical Society in NZ within six (6) weeks of the activity.


  • Successful applicants may be asked to help out at events.
  • Sponsorship is dependent on available funds.
  • Full sponsorship may not necessarily be paid

Download the: Sponsorship Application Form