Become a Member of the Theosophical Society

Convention 2023

Annual New Zealand Theosophical Convention, January 2023

Click here to download the membership application form.


Benefits of joining the Theosophical Society


We offer many opportunities to join communities of people who share similar core values, including:

  • Approximately 16 local centres
  • Online interactive study groups covering an array of spiritual topics
  • Theosophical events at the National Section
  • Frequent conventions, seminars, and workshops

Learn & Grow
A rich offering of books, articles, videos, and numerous public programs - available online and at our National Centre - provides members with the resources to expand their knowledge, including:

  • Borrowing privileges at the Geoffrey Hodson library, with more than 2,500 items that can be mailed across the country
  • TheoSophia Magazine, a quarterly journal of Theosophically-oriented articles on philosophy, religion, science, and the arts.
  • 24 monthly study papers on Theosophical concepts
  • Discounts on our many programs, workshops, and classes at our National Section


How to Become a Member


You may join the Theosophical Society at your local Lodge/Branch, or else become a National member if you don’t live close enough to your nearest TS centre. All members are both international members of The Theosophical Society and national members of the Theosophical Society in New Zealand. However, unattached members, those unable to join a Lodge or branch, are considered National Section Members. Joining a Lodge/Branch has added benefits, such as access to an amazing collection of spiritual books and journals on a wide range of subjects in the lending and reference library of our major Branches. The other benefit is to explore these subjects with other like-minded people in a regular meeting place, and to share the wisdom of these inquiries with others.

The downloadable membership application form may be used New Zealand wide; however, you may find it more convenient to go to a Lodge/Branch where the form is available and have someone help you fill in the details. The process of joining the Society, and the annual membership fees, vary from place to place. So please check with your nearest Lodge/Branch. 
Our New Zealand locations can be found HERE

Intending Lodge/Branch Members 

If you wish to join any of our Lodges/Branches please download the membership form above and take it in to the meeting rooms nearest to your place of residence. You will need to fill out this form and take it in person into the Lodge/Branch nearest to you.

Intending National Section Members

Those who live at a considerable distance from a Lodge/Branch, or are for any reason are unable to attend meetings or benefit from local resources are welcome to join as National Section Members, not attached to any of our Branches. Intending National Section Members may complete the downloadable application form and email it to us along with proof of payment of the annual subscription. Membership applications are approved by the management team, which meets quarterly.   For any clarifications, please contact the office on (09) 523-1797 or email

Once your application to join the TS in New Zealand has been accepted you become a member of a three-tiered Society. Your membership extends locally, nationally and internationally.