The Process of Self-Transformation
The Process of Self-Transformation
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This book shows approaches in handling psychologic conflics that prevent one's capacity to live more fully and have more meaningful relationships, and which also prevents the deepening of one's spiritual practices.  Through detailed descriptions of proven procedures, the reader will find in this book approaches towards the elimination of fears, resentments, hatreds, depression, worries, traumas, and stress in daily living.  Using awareness as its basic tool, the process not only effectively deals with emotioal and physical distress

The Self-Transformative Process covers four areas:

  1. Review of one's map of reality
  2. Self-Mastery
  3. Clarification and Integration of Values
  4. Transcendence

Each aspect also contains excercises that the reader can do and explore.

The book also discusses the implications of these approaches on education, social peace, parenting and youth development.


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