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Initiates Initiations and the Path
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This book is for those seeking insight into the spiritual life, this book by Geoffrey Hodson, published posthumously, offers interpretations of the Old Testament stories that otherwise may seem to defy reason and common sense.  It starts with the Ten Commandments and Moses upon Mt. Sinai.

Mr Hodson analyses well-known allegories including:

  • The story of Joshua and its revelations about self-emancipation and spiritual illumination
  • The story of Samson as a description of the occult powers, training, tests, strain and final achievements of every Initiate into the Greater Mysteries
  • The Book of Job as an alchemical treatise written in the language of the Initiates of old
  • Solomon's temple as an allegory and symbol of the Mystery Tradition

This last of Mr Hodson's works of in-depth biblical interpretation sheds light upon the journey of the human Soul and is a most valuable and rewarding addition to any library, personal or public.


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