Light on the Sanctuary
Light of the Sanctuary: The Occult Diary of Geoffrey Hodson
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Drawing upon his superphysical experiences, generally written down immediately after they occurred, and upon his own verbal accounts of these, Geoffrey's wife Sandra has produced an accurate history and insight into aspects of his inner life. Although many of these events were regarded by Geoffrey as extremely private; sacred, indeed, he agreed to their revelation after his death, for the sake of giving assurance to others that they, in their turn - if rightly moved - may seek to prove for themselves the reality of the occult and spiritual teachings of Theosophy.

Geoffrey was a bringer of Light to man and with it, awareness and knowledge of the reality of Superhuman Beings - Perfected Ones - Who, during our unfoldment guard, guide and inspire us on the long homeward journey of our pilgrimage back to the limitless source of all Love, Wisdom, Peace and Joy. His direct experiences with these Beings and the inner teachings impressed upon him during these encounters are revealed in these pages. May those who read them find the inspiration and depth of realisation that they, too, may serve humanity and the Great Ones.

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