Sharing the Light Vol II
Sharing the Light Vol 2
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This is for Volume 2 of a comprehensive collection of the published articles of Geoffrey Hodson, the internationally known theosophical teacher and writer who has inspired the world with his message of enlightened living and spiritual life.

Arranged by themes, the book covers a wide variety of subject matters such as spirituality and the path of discipleship, the Mystery Tradition, super-sensory perception, the Angelic world, healing, political and global issues, parenting, karma, reincarnation, world religions, ceremonials and symbolism, the Theosophical Society and some of its leaders.

His articles on practical living are particularly valuable, especially on spiritual practice in modern life, including his views on the spiritual side of laeyering, parenting and running a business, among others.

Hard bound

Compiled by John and Elizabeth Sell.

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