The Initiate Life: A Guide to the Path of Hastened Unfoldment by Geoffrey Hodson

There comes a point in the evolution of a soul when an inexplicable yearning for something loftier and deeper dawns upon one. A dissatisfaction and unhappiness with mundane life gradually takes hold and a seeking for “soul fulfillment” begins. To one who has come upon this stage, this book is a must-read. 

Geoffrey Hodson, renowned clairvoyant, teacher and author, wrote and lectured extensively about the “Path of Swift Unfoldment” during his lifetime. In this special new release, the editors have done a remarkable job of knitting together a loose collection of unpublished material after his death, resulting in an essential manual to help anyone attempting to live the initiate life. 

The book describes the nature of the path to enlightenment, the work required of the aspirant, what happens when “awakening” occurs, and the various stages of initiation undertaken on the path.  Obstacles and pitfalls to watch out for are elucidated, along with secrets and keys to success. To those of keen determination to press on despite difficulties, a Teacher appears and a life of discipleship is embarked upon. How does one recognize the true Teacher? How can one ascertain the authenticity of an interior experience? Hodson shares the instructions from his own teachers as well as writes from personal experience. Repeatedly, the author reminds the would-be aspirant of the motive that should be the driving force for the quest: the attainment of increased efficacy as helpers of the Masters of the Wisdom in the service of humanity—for no progress is possible until the illusion of separateness is overcome.

From the beginning of the book, the flame of aspiration is lit in the reader as Hodson makes it clear that the ideal is within reach. Thus, a determination to pursue a life of spiritual intent gradually strengthens. With seriousness of purpose, one is moved to a regular practice of meditation and stillness, so that a direct experience of the inner Self, and consequently the spiritual essence of all things may be attained. To those who persist and succeed, the reward is a deep abiding joy—bliss beyond all telling. 

Elena Dovalsantos


Reviewer:  Elena Dovalsantos is an International Theosophical Society speaker, American scientist and student of the Ageless Wisdom, past president of the TS Beacon Study Group in California, and teacher at Krotona Institute of Theosophy.