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Venue: Theosophical Society Hall, 304 Church Street, Palmerston North Central  

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Or text Helen (PNTS president)  027 649 3849,   contact Anthea (PNTS Treasurer and VicePresident) 027 240 2069

Next Up 

Sunday 4 June 10 am: Energy Healing Workshop

Strengthen your Immune System. Boost your Energy Field, your Aura with its lattice work of energy systems. Includes the Daily Energy Routine. Energy Work is Soul Work. 

Know your Radiant Soul!

Energy healing techniques are adaptable for all capabilities

The Nurturing the Soul Workshops are held the first Sunday of each month 10 am  



Saturday 10 June 7 pm - The Nature of the Mind   

John Vorstermans looks at Ayurveda, an ancient India health and well-being practice.

The mind is very good at grabbing our attention in such a way that we have forgotten our true nature. It is said that to know oneself we have to learn to be aware of our thoughts without allowing them to distract us.  There are many ways to still the mind, through meditation, mindfulness practice, yoga and so on.  In this presentation we will look at some of the suggestions given us by Ayurveda, an ancient India health and well-being practice handed down from the ancient Vedas as still practised today.

 John Vorstermans has a diploma in Ayurveda healing and herbology and for the last 40 years has studied many aspects of Theosophy – the ageless wisdom.  Through their practical application the real learning takes place and being able to share this with others so they might be inspired to do the same is one of his goals.  


Regular Ongoing Meetings follow below; then more future presentations

Non-sectarian Group Meditation:  
5.15 - 6.15 pm every Tuesday  //  Donation welcome - suggested minimum - $5 (TS members - $2)

Both members and public welcome.

Study Group:
Dates and topics are sent out by email   //   Enquiries welcome  - see contact details below.

Open 10.00am - 12.00 noon every Saturday (recess for Christmas/New Year)    //    Email or phone Anthea (027 240 2069).

Both members and public welcome.                                                                      There is a "library only" subscription available to non-members.



Saturday 24 June - Solstice Mid-Winter Celebration Dinner*; followed by more on the Time of the Cycle we are in and the Tree of Life. Doors open 5.30 pm

*Please share in the Solstice Celebration 'Potluck' Dinner by contributing a vegetarian or vegan  dish. 

Saturday 8 July 7 pm - TSNZ President - Richard Sell  - Evolutionary Cosmic Time based on the Secret Doctrine.

Saturday and Sunday 12 & 13 August: Central Region Gathering - The Water of Life 

Full registration includes contributing  to Saturday evening's Vegetarian or Vegan Potluck Dinner. Numbers are limited and registration fees increase overnight on Friday 4 August. 

Saturday 26 August - 2 sessions with Julia and Orest Tarnawsky 

The Current Programme includes Meditation. 

The effectiveness of meditation is known to be enhanced by group meditation                                  

We welcome all those seeking inner peace and equanimity.  

Suggested minimum donation towards Hall expenses -  $5; Theosophical Society Members $2.

Venue: Theosophical Society Hall, 304 Church Street, Palmerston North Central 


Donations Welcome to the PNTS TOS (The Theosophical Order of Service) 

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A few of the participants at Barry Bowden'sWorkshop "The Search for the Inner Self". From the left Committee members, Peter French, and Lorette Campbell, Vice President and Treasurer Helen Sussmilch, President Anthea Clement, and Julie Jeffrey, in front  with TS Australia National Lecturer, Barry Bowden TS Australia and Margaret Torr.

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