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Palmerston North Branch of the Theosophical Society

The Palmerston North Branch of the Theosophical Society was established in 1911. Members meet regularly and discuss theosophical topics. It is an opportunity for like-minded people to share and learn together about life's journey. Topics investigated are broad and varied and guaranteed to whet any appetite. 


Weekly Meditation - Tuesdays 6 till 7 pm 

Mindfulness Meditation as taught by Dr Douglas Osto (Ph D)

Entry $5 (Unwaged $3 - Koha)



2017 Programme 

STUDY GROUP for members and those interested in membership is usually the last Tuesday of the month.       NB check the programme schedule each month.        

Tuesday 23 May 7.15 pm - STUDY GROUP for members and those interested in membership -                           Talk and discussion on  Telepathy - 'the spitiual gifts'- what makes a human being, with Anthea Clement (Cooper)


Public Presentation - All welcome 


Saturday 29 April 7.30 pm - Guy Donaldson with "The Tree of Life"

Even as traditional forms of religion struggle for membership in a science-informed society, the desire for meaning in life remains as part of our humanity. The ancient Qabalistic symbol of the Tree of Life, mentioned briefly in Genesis, is said to have been the soul of Judaism.  However while it became known amongst intellectuals in medieval and Renaissance times it is little known today. Nevertheless it remains a wonderful mechanism for illuminating the essences and commonalities of such great wisdom traditions as Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Christianity. It moreover embodies the Big Bang Theory of the beginning of everything, and offers a map of consciousness that connects to insights that have become available through quantum physics.

 Guy was a senior lecturer in music education at the Massey University College of Education until 2004, when he took leave to pursue his passion for performance and music teaching. He is well known in the Manawatu area as a teacher, adjudicator, piano soloist, accompanist, chamber music player, music coach and conductor. He is the convenor of the Globe Sunday Matinee concert series, formerly the Te Manawa Art Gallery Sunday concert series and has been the musical director of the Renaissance Singers since 1989.  Guy’s performing schedule in 2016 has included chamber music performances as part of the Globe series and accompanying the Palmerston North Choral Society in a programme of opera music. He has also given a solo piano recital featuring music by local composers Helen Caskie and Graham Parsons. On June 24 2017 he will conduct the Renaissance Singers in a programme entitled Into the Light.

 Although Guy is best known as a musician, he has a passion also for researching big picture issues. He has given a number of talks for the Theosophical Society. In 2015 He gave a talk to U3A on changes and conflicts in music in the twentieth century, and in 2016 he spoke on the impacts of 1990s political decisions on New Zealand life.


Tuesday 9 May 7.30 pm Third of the series -  

Healing Our Past Lives – Exploring the Many Lives of the Soul

Past-life stories can heal present day problems. Facilitated by Julie Jeffrey.  “To know who we are, we must first know who we were”. By accessing our own soul’s deep guidance system, lost stories of our past lives become the catalyst for self-discovery and healing of our present lives. This is the third of a series of 5. Discussion and sharing in small groups will follow.  All welcome. $2 members and unwaged, $5 waged.


Saturday 13 May 7.30 pm -  Public Presentation by Professor Ralph Sims

Feeding the Planet – challenges for the future.

 As world population increases and demand for protein rises with growing middle classes in developing countries, can the world produce enough food? Given that agri-food supply uses around one third of end-use energy and produces around one quarter of all greenhouse gases, will we need to move away from animal proteins (mainly milk and meat products) to vegetable proteins? If so, what are the implications for NZ?

Ralph Sims is Professor of Sustainable Energy at Massey University where he has researched renewable energy and climate change mitigation for several decades. He chaired the Royal Society of New Zealand panel for the 2016 study Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy for New Zealand and for Assessment Reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has led teams of authors on Energy Supply (2007), Renewable Energy Integration (2011), and Transport (2014). He was Senior Researcher at the International Energy Agency (IEA), Paris for four years and serves on the Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel for the Global Environment Facility (GEF), based in Washington D C and linked with UNEP and World Bank. He is presently contracted by UN FAO to lead several projects on reducing greenhouse gas emissions in agri-food supply chains and has consulted for many organisations including OECD, Shell, Chevron and Meridian Energy.

All welcome $5 (Members and the unwaged $2)  


20 May 7.30 pm -  Tai Chi       Public Presentation by Tom Robertson

 Tai Chi Chuan is recommended to help relieve stress, aid a person’s balance, increase flexibility, promoting good health, and it can be meditation. Some Tai Chi Chuan schools also discuss a spiritual aspect based on the Chinese Classics. So what is Tai Chi Chuan today and how can it impact our lives today?

Tom will explore how Tai Chi Chuan developed, from the Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang that lies at the heart of Tai Chi Chuan through its development of the use of Yi (the mind) to lead the Qi (Chi – life force) in the body, to a powerful healthy form of exercise for the mind and the body.

Tom has been studying and training with Sing Ong Tai Chi since 1993 and has been teaching Tai Chi Chuan since 1995. He has had extensive training as a Sing Ong Tai Chi Instructor, while maintaining regular training that includes both teaching and training. Thus Tom is both an Instructor and a Student of Tai Chi Chuan.

All welcome $5 (Members and the unwaged $2)


Saturday 27 May 7.30 pm - Public Presentation by Rowena Weth on self-care

'Don't leave yourself behind! - why self-care isn't selfish' 

Practical self-care strategies to boost energy and resilience to help handle whatever comes our way. The session brings together aspects of neuroscience, mindfulness, compassion and fundamentals of physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. 

Rowena Weth Certified Life Coach


Past Events

Tuesday 4 April 7.30 pm  -  Dr Douglas Osto Ph D.

Nondual Kashmir Śaivism is a religious philosophy that developed in Kashmir, India primarily between the ninth and eleventh century of the Common Era, and is currently undergoing a global revival. Like the philosophy of Advaita Vedānta, Kashmir Śaivism is a monistic, or nondual system, that asserts that ultimate reality is pure bliss (ānanda) consciousness (cit). However, unlike Advaita, Kashmir Śaivism does not claim that the phenomenal world of difference is merely an illusion (māyā); rather is maintains that the world, as the vibrational energy (spanda) of consciousness is real. This has led some modern commentators to describe it as a form of “idealistic realism.” Another important difference between Kashmir Śaivism and Advaita is that while Advaita finds scriptural authority for its philosophy in the Vedas, Kashmir Śaivism looks to the Tantras devoted to the God Śiva as the supreme consciousness. Finally, whereas Advaita philosophy is meant primarily for male ascetic renouncers, Kashmir Śaivism was developed to be practiced by both male and female householders, and therefore is completely compatible with modern life. This presentation will outline the worldview and main philosophical concepts of Nondual Kashmir Śaivism and describes some of its unique practices for realizing the supreme state of oneness and bliss consciousness




2016     Tuesday 13 December 7.30 pm - Christmas Celebration.



Tuesday 6 December 7.30 pm   2016

Doing Time Doing Vipassana is an award winning documentary on the benefits of Vipassana Meditation (Vipassana means insight). It is the story of how hope came to one of the most notorious prisons – Tihar Jail in New Dehli - and of India’s first female Inspector General of prisons daring to fight for genuine rehabilitation of the thousands under her care. Most of all it is the story of the prison inmates themselves and the profound changes they underwent through the practice of Vipassana Meditation.

This ancient technique has now travelled beyond India’s borders and is established in over one hundred countries around the world, with 170 Centres and also with courses being held in another 132 places. It has been implemented in prisons in USA, Taiwan and other counties with dramatic results.   

Produced and directed by Eilona Ariel and Ayelet Menahemi.


2016 Tuesday 22 November 7.30 pm - webcast of our International President Tim Boyd's recent presentation 'Solution to All Problems'


2016 Tuesday 1 November 7.30 pm   Meditation? Yes? Why Vipassana?

Results from scientific empirical studies has shown meditation is beneficial to our well-being.   The Vipassana method is phenomenally successful throughout the world.

Anthea Clement DipTch (Sci, Math, a Vipassana meditator since 2009,  explains why  


2016 Saturday 8 October 7.30 pm 

Saturday 8 October 7.30 pm 

Discover the potential of your aura - Man Visible and Invisible, a Soul's Growth through Reincarnation with TS Australian Lecturer Barry Bowden.

Looking at a soul’s growth through the human aura, how the colours and size change with the evolution of the inner being, and as we grow from life to life the human aura changes - from humble beginnings with an almost colourless aura, until it is shining like the sun. Includes showing that negativity is only a lack of development, and how we can change that.

A Bio-Dynamic farmer of 23 years, Barry is here initially for the triennial TS Indo Pacific Conference being hosted by TSNZ, and touring NZ on behalf of TSNZ’s education programme 

We will host Barry to a Vegetarian Potluck Dinner beginning at 6.15 pm. Everyone is welcome -  please bring a vegetarian plate to share.

The Past Programme continued 

MONDAY 29 August 6 till approx. 9.30 pm   2016

Following the Heart to Enlightenment Seminar with Dianne Kynaston,  Australian National Lecturer, on nurturing the qualities necessary for spiritual growth  - touring on behalf of TheosophyNZ.

Hosted by TheosophyPN, 304 Church St. Palmerston North Central.

Includes looking at the qualities of character we have to develop as we walk the Path to Enlightenment, guided by the goddess of wisdom, the Goddess Prajnaparamita - She who leads us towards Enlightenment - the 'Paramitas', and the Heart Sutra - one of three major texts of Buddhist Teachings, its historical background and examines the very profound concepts that are presented in it.

                                                                                                     $5. (Members - $2)

Theosophical Order of Service

Donations Welcome to thePNTS TOS (The Theosophical Order of Service) to support the Palmerston North Safecity programme. Currently donations go to the ‘Street Van’ which helps people in need on the streets at night during the weekends, and facilitates programmes for people suffering from addictions in one way or another.

Regular Meetings

    When: Check out the Programme Details to find out upcoming presentations and events. 


Meditation:    Mindfulness Meditation as taught by Dr Douglas Osto -

Non-sectarian Group Meditation  6.00 -7.00pm – Tuesdays  Entry - $5 (Unwaged - Koha $3 - $2)

 Both members and public welcome.

Study Group:

    When: at least monthly Tuesdays 7.15 pm - dates and topics are sent out by email.                                                 Enquiries welcome  - see contact details below 

Library: Open 10.00am - 12.00 noon -- Usually every Saturday                                                Email or phone Anthea 353 6221 if you wish to check.


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