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Monday, May 23, 2016


Adyar Building Fund

The Adyar estate with its historical grounds is truly a blessed place, for many reasons and for Theosophists belonging to the various traditions the world over, but its overall condition leaves a lot to be desired. In order to describe what the current situation looks like one must imagine that when it rains – and in the monsoon period it rains heavily in Tamil Nadu – it is simply not possible to perform any repair-work inside the Headquarters Building. When it pours outside, the rain will certainly cause nuisance inside as well. Regrettably it is a fact that many historically significant buildings are in need of significant renovation. 

The International President, Mr Tim Boyd, has indicated that this process of decay must come to a halt, changing it into a process of revitalisation, innovation and above all, renovation. For that reason a 20-year plan has been created.

On the estate there are more than 116 buildings; most of them in a poor state. Important buildings such as Headquarters Building, the Blavatsky Bungalow and Leadbeater Chambers are no exception and urgently need to undergo an extensive reconstruction.

Below is a video of a talk by Tim Boyd and Michiel Hass regarding the future of the Adyar Estate, given on 3 January 2016 during the International Convention.

You can see more detail of the building repair required here:

Our International Headquarters is trying to raise US $1,000,000 to renovate some of these historic buildings. The initial project is to renovate the Headquarters building, Blavatsky Bungalow and Leadbeater Chambers, all buildings with historical interest.

Are you able to help with this project?

The New Zealand Section has agreed to donate NZ$10,000 to this project in the 2016/20017 financial year. We are also asking members if they are willing to make donations towards this fund. If you are willing to donate then you can deposit a donation by direct debit to:

Kiwibank 38–9008–0248554–00  

Note it as for the “Adyar Fund.”   A receipt will be sent to you for the donation.

You can also send a cheque if that is easier, to 18 Belvedere Street, Epsom, Auckland 1051. If you have any questions you may send an email to: or a letter by mail to the above address. Donations will be collected and sent on to Adyar towards the end of this year. 

John Vorstermans
National President TSNZ



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