Convention 2017 Session Videos

The annual convention 2017 was held in Dunedin St Margaret's College which is part of the University of Otago campus in the heart of Dunedin.   The convention went from Thursday 12 January and finished on Monday evening 16 January. Below are the recordings of some of the sessions.

Beyond Illusions by National President John Vorstermans

Theosophy: A Science for Spiritual Evolution - by Guest Speaker Trân Thi Kim Diêu

Science, Spirituality and The Secret Doctrine by Special Guest Elena Dovalsantos

Philosophy: A Bridge Between Two Continents of Thought by Special Guest Trân Thi Kim Dieu

Non Duality with Dunedin Member Michael Rudin

The Mystery of Electricity Unveiled by Orest Tarnawsky from Canterbury Branch

Theosophical Order of Service, by Renée Sell, National TOS Coordinator and National Vice-President

Talk Nicely to Your DNA by Ruth Lawson - Dunedin Lodge President

Panel Discussion with John Vorstermans, Trân-Thi-Kim-Diêu and Elena Dovalsantos. Presented by The Theosophical Society of New Zealand Ltd.

The Purpose of a Garden by Nancy Jones from USA

Adyar The Heart of the Theosophical Society by Wellington member Sushma Webber