Convention 2018 Session Videos

The annual convention 2018 was held in Palmerston North. The convention went from Thursday 18 January and finished on Monday evening 21 January wirth guests International President Tim Boyd with Lily Boyd and International Speaker Dorothy Bell. Below are the recordings of some of the sessions.

Tim Boyd - The Process of Unfoldment

Tim Boyd shares some of his insights and thoughts on the evolutionary process. He says that each of us has latent powers and potential within us - some ripe in this moment, others ripening.

Tim Boyd - The Habit of Dying

A central fact of life is that all living things experience death. For the reincarnating being the experience of death is something that has been repeated countless times. Why then is this common experience so widely misunderstood and feared? The wisdom traditions of the world have long taught means for transforming the ordinary experience of dying into an extraordinary catalyst for spiritual growth. In this talk, we will discuss the nature of death and some of the teachings for “practising dying” while still alive.

Carol Collier - Heart of a Lotus Flower

A magical, mystical journey to the Light.

Toni Wier - Francesca Arundale is still Working

Expanded from a short talk about Francesca Arundale given at the School of Theosophy, this presentation considers her journey.

Barbara Zanarb Breaking Through the Illusion

Mahayana Buddhism the way of enquiry to unveil the reality. Do we need a new paradigm of thought?

Tim Boyd gives an Adyar update with photos

Tim Boyd talks to members in New Zealand in January 2018 about the International Theosophical Society Headquarters at Adyar including details of some of the upgrade progress on restoring some of the historic building.

John Vorstermans - Discussion on The Heart of Theosophy

Theosophy, as we explore it in our endeavour to come to understand tends to evolve over time as we begin to experience and practice aspect of what we come to believe is a way to true knowing. The experience is essential and is the real heart of coming to understand what Theosophy is. We will explore here some of the ways we can open our heart to the real theosophy of theosophy that the knowledge simply hints at. TSNZ Convention 2018.

Richard Sell Exploring Jnana Yoga in todays World

With a world falling ever more under the sway of illusion we need help coping with our perception and reaction to this crisis. Jnana Yoga has much to offer, not only in our personal spiritual journey but in practical matters pertaining to living in the 21st century, a time of acute stress and change.

Kayla Upton Theosophical Gems from the Major Arcana

Diving into the mysterious origins of the Tarot and highlighting the ageless wisdom found within its ancient symbols.

More to come ..........