Science and the Ancient Wisdom / Theosophy - An Exploration Series

Online Theosophical Sundays - New Zealand

Theme:  Science and the Ancient Wisdom / Theosophy

Sundays 12 June - 17 July 2022

The National Section of TSNZ, has put together a special series for members and friends.  This is a six week programme with guest speakers from New Zealand, the England and USA. Below are the recording of the presentations.

1. A New Science of Heaven by Professor Robert Temple

2. Science - A Tool on our Quest on the Path by Jacques Mahnich


3. A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Heart of Consciousness - Dr Eben Alexander


4.  Questions & Answers with Dr Eben Alexander


5.  Beyond the Five Senses to the Heart of Matter and the Far Reaches of Time - Murray Stentiford


6.  Q & A with Murray who also answers some question on his experience with working with Geoffrey Hodson


7. Latest Unitive Scientific Breakthroughs and Evidence of a Conscious and Evolutionary Universe with  Jude Currivan, Ph.D.