Theosophical Sunday Webinars

Online Theosophical Sundays - New Zealand
Theme: Awakening the Heart ~ Regenerating Change Within

Sundays 16 January - 10 April 2022

The National Section of TSNZ has put together a special series for members and friends. This is a 12-week programme with guest speakers from New Zealand, the Philippines and USA. Below are the recording of the presentations.

1. Regenerating Change Within - John Vorstermans. Sunday 16 January

2. Searching for Harmony - Richard Sell. Sunday 23 January

3. The Poustinia of the Heart, the Call to the Stillness -Trish Lynch. Sunday 30 January

4. Exploring the Living Heart of Music with Geoffrey Hodson - Murray Stentiford

5. Note to Self - Change Habits for a Change Within - Jim Scrivener

6. A Viral Valentine - Chally Romero

7. Sacred Geometry and Universal Order (A visual presentation) - Jonathan Quintin

7A. Q & A Sacred Geometry and Universal order with Jonathan Quintin

8. Near Death Experiences, The Journey - Carole Van Weede

9. A wakening Divine Essence, Liberating the Potential Within - Renée Sell

10. The Heart message of the NDE - Alastair Murray

11. What Moves You? A Look at Theosophical Teachings for a World in Need - Elena Dovalsanto

12. A Look at Theosophical Teachings for a World in Need Elena Dovalsantos Q & A