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  • Theme: Harmony and Tolerance.  Contains artilces on - International Service, Tolerance, Studying The Letters, Grace, The Mystery of Space - Time and Purpose, Now is the Time and more.

  • Theme: The Hidden Life of Things.  Articles exploring The Voice of the Silence, Bring the Heart Doctrin to the West, The Hidden Wisdom Within the Human Being, The Mystery of Space- Time and Purpose and Awarness and Introspection.

  • Theme: Cycles Content Selection: Change and Our Responce to it; Gentle Thoughts and a Gentle World; The Whisper of the Soul; Enlightenment, What is it; Human Regeneration.
  • The theme for this issue is The Journey of Self-Transformation and includes articles in Personalising the Wisdom, Moving to Enlightenment, The Mystic Path to Inner Peace and other articles.
  • Theme: Wisdom and Discernment Content Selection: The World Mother, The Power of Awareness, The Unending Path, Discerning a New Dawn, The Ancient Wisdom. This issue is packed with interesting content and details of events to take place.
  • Theme: Peace in a Time of Conflict Content selection: Esoteric ecology; Finding joy amidst uncertainty; Theosophy today; Theosophy on war and peace
  • Theme: Theosophy in the World Today

    Content includes: Living Theosophy through compassionate serve; Purification and the burning ground; Theosophy in the workplace; Reflections; Theosophy in the World Today.

  • Theme: Spirituality and Religion

    Content contains: Personalising the wisdom; The Path; Theosophy: the friend of true religion; Know yourself; A key to your inner world.

  • Theme: The inspiration behind the Theosophical Society

    Content includes: Our work; The TS Team; Masters of wisdom; The power of story; Helena Petrovna Blavatsky; Angels of the pines/

  • Theme: Search for Harmony

    Content contains: Seeing versus seeing; Uniting heaven and earth; MA'AT: Source ofd Egyptian Strength and Harmony; Searching for harmony; Our need to connect - Part 2