This book shows approaches in handling psychologic conflics that prevent one's capacity to live more fully and have more meaningful relationships, and which also prevents the deepening of one's spiritual practices.


Meditation is the art of being, and in this book Adelaide Gardener focuses on the naturalness of this state of consciouness and the great usefulness to be derived from it.


This Vol 3 of writings of Geoffrey Hodson including clairvoyant research, an overview of theosophy, esoteric Christianity, the way to the Masters, death, Masonry and some thoughts on Krishnamurti, to mention a few.


In this issue:  Wisdom, Ancient and Modern; Questions Unfoldment and Evolution; The Dawning of Self-Illumination; A Letter to India


In this issue: The Courage of Commitment - Joy Mills, Book Review - Sharing the Light - Vol III - Nathaniel Altman


In this issue: Death Brings Life into Focus by Betty Bland, With the Nature of Consciousness in Mind by Dara Tatray, Life After Death by Maureen Paterson,  Practical Brotherhood in Everyday Life  by Dusan Zagar, Poetry by TSNZ members,  How Far Have We Walked?  by Penelope Foster and a Special Book Review: A Jewel on a Silver Platter by Ravi Ravindra.


This remarkable book explores some of the deepest issues of the human mind, the nature of God, the underlying unity of the cosmos and intelligence that underlie manifestations in nature as revealed by researches in modern physics, parapsychology, transpersonal psychology and esotericism.