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The Theosophical Publishing House, Auckland (2018)
release a new Geoffrey Hodson book


A Guide to the Path of Hastened Unfoldment

Compiled from the Talks and Study Notes

of Geoffrey Hodson

The Path of Hastened Unfoldment is one of Geoffrey Hodson’s key teachings and this book is composed of material pertaining to this very subject.  It is thus particularly relevant for the serious student, whether he or she be an aspirant, disciple, or Initiate. Whilst many of these talks were addressed to Theosophical Society members and audiences, the message of the Ancient Wisdom and the Path of Swift Unfoldment is universally applicable to all humanity.

Quote from book:

The Steps upon the Path leading to the Initiations of the Greater Mysteries exist now, always.

This book is a result of some years of compilation of typed records of study notes and lectures gathered by the Hodsons over a lifetime. These records were entrusted to the present editors by Mrs. Hodson, with the intention that whatever was suitable and of value to a student of the Ancient Wisdom would be preserved in a published form. More recently, two Theosophical Society members who had been given collections of papers by Mr Hodson some years before his death made additional notes available to the editors.

About the Author

Geoffrey Hodson joined the Theosophical Society as a young man, and from then on until the end of his life of 96 years, he travelled throughout the world teaching, lecturing, and writing on Theosophy.

He is respected internationally for his clairvoyant powers which he used both for healing and for occult research, some of which was carried out in collaboration with physicians, physicists, and anthropologists. He is the author of over sixty books and booklets, notable among them being those on the Angelic Hierarchy, biblical interpretation, and symbolism. As well as the Theosophical Society he was active in a number of similarly idealistic movements.

Mr Hodson is acknowledged the world over for his near lifelong dedication to spreading the Ancient Wisdom, Theosophia, and for his depth of knowledge of its multifaceted aspects. So highly regarded was he that wherever he travelled, people sought his counsel and were guided by his unique insight. Those who knew him in this way will bear testimony to his wisdom, and to his compassion and unfailing kindness.

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