Convention 2021

The Theosophical Society in New Zealand's 124th Summer National Convention took place from 7 -12 January 2021 in Wellington, New Zealand.  It is likely to be the only in-person theosophical convention to take place in the world this year as a result of the global pandemic. We feel very fortunate to have been able to gather together to explore, seek, learn and socialise.

1. Introducing Convention 2021

2. Darkness to light Sleep to Waking - Tim Boyd

3. Deepening the Connection - J Vorstermans

4. Q & A Session with Tim Boyd

5. Unmasking the Void - B Upton

6. History Corner - The story of Lillian Edgar by Richard Sell


7. Heart Over Head - D Harrison

9. Finding the Treasures Within by Murray Stentiford

10. Is Humanity becoming humanKIND? by Penelope Foster

11. The Connection Between Dance and Spirituality with Hillary Reid

12. Every Trigger is a Teacher by Arzoo Syeddah