• Over five consecutive Sundays, starting Sunday 9th June, we will be joined live via Zoom by five different presenters from across the globe, each taking us on a unique journey in Exploring Consciousness. Registration is free - click on the event to access the registration link.
  • Exploring The Secret Doctrine with Martin Leiderman will share, during four online sessions, the following: ON Sunday 3 September - The One and the Many: An Eternal and Periodical Principle; On Sunday 8 October - The Three Logoi in the S.D. as the Inner Master in the Voice of the Silence; On Sunday 5 November - The Third Fundamental Proposition and the Evolutionary Chain of Beings and on Sunday 3 December - Key Ideas in the Cosmogenesis Stanzas of Dzyan. The sessions will start at 3:00pm New Zealand Time.
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