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  • Music of the plants is a presentation by Gary Cook given at the Annual Convention 2017 at Kawai Purapura.
  • A presentation by International President Tim Boyd in Auckland, New Zealand on 23 October 2016.

  • In a letter, Dorothy Bell shares thoughts on the power of a theosophical worldview to unravel a universal problem.
  • International President of the Theosophical Society, Tim Boyd shares lessons from the past and his thoughts on the evolutionary process.
  • An article by Dorothy Bell, Internatonal Speaker for the Theosophical Society writes: a person's worldview is the centre from which he or she views the world and universe – the Whole. We each experience every aspect of our lives through the window or projector lens of our set of beliefs – which is our unique worldview.
  • An article based on a booklet by Joy Mills on The Human Journey: Quest for Self-Transformation.
  • Have we made much progress on the path to brotherhood and unity since the founding of the Society in 1875?
  • Betty Bland considers the possibly unexpected benefits of near death experiences.
  • On the human spiritual journey many powers are developed including the various aspects of psychism. Often called extra-sensory perception, psychism may best be understood by comparing it with spirituality.

  • The theme of our recent Convention in Napier, The Way Forward for Humanity: Achieving Universal Brotherhood, engenders ongoing dialogue. The theme comes from the Society’s First Object: To form a nucleus of the Universal Brotherhood of Humanity.