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  • Theme: Invocation and Prayer

    Contents include: Spiritual Invocation; Using the Wow factor; The Spiritual Life in Today's World; Lilian Edger: An Inspiring Trailblazer Part 2; The Practice of Prayer

  • Theme: Soul and Spirit

    Content includes: The Spiritual Self and its Goal of Perfection; An embodied spirituality; Lillian Edger - Inspiring Trailblazer; The spiritual self and its goal to perfection; Light as a feather.

  • The Theosophical Society in New Zealand held our annual Immersion Weekend at our National Headquarters in Auckland from 31 July-01 August 2021. There was a fantastic energy and all who attended were able to spend valuable time bonding and learning.
  • Theme: The Ancient Wisdom

    Contents include: New light on old ideas; The power of awareness; High times to change our minds; The power of awareness; Divine healing

  • Theme: Unity of Life

    Content contains: Fly a kite; The meaning of a pandemic; Growth and spiritual struggle; Our need to connect

  • Theme: Compassion and Ahimsa

    Content includes: Expressing Compassion Through Beauty and Truth; Theosophy and Science; The Nature of Self-Transformation

  • Theme: Theosophy in Action

    Content includes: The Relevance of our Work; Living Theosophy; Today's search for the Holy Grail; Doing Theosophy

  • Theme: Meditation

    Contents include: Awakening the Heart-Mind; Indian Adventure; COVID-19; The Theosophical Path of Meditation; The Power of Visualisation;

  • Theme is: The Pilgrim's Journey

    Content includes: Our work in the 21st Century; Why Hasn't Humanity Grown Up; Imaging a new world.

  • The exploration of processes to awaken our spiritual potential incorporates the development of a perception that has a heart-mind focus. Some of the practical steps as part of this process of awakening, are outlined below. According to Theosophy, the mind is the soul. The mind and the soul are the same things. The soul is also referred to as our permanent individuality, in contrast with our present personality.