Spring School of Theosophy

5 Oct to 7 Oct 2018
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The Process of Self-Transformation

The Self-Transformation Program is a comprehensive process of personal and spiritual growth, based on the theosophical framework that aims to help individuals to:

  • Review one’s understanding of reality
  • Clarify one’s core and personal values
  • Learn self-awareness
  • Eliminate recurring emotional distress in one’s life, such as fear, depression, anger, phobias, stress, trauma, hurt, etc.
  • Be effective in one’s interpersonal relationship through genuine listening and effective communication
  • Be free of unwanted conditionings
  • See beyond the surface appearance of things and events
  • Strengthen the higher self and control the lower self
  • Learn the art of meditation
  • Systematically pursue the path of the spiritual life

What is Self-Transformation?

The essentials of these seminars explore our relationships with ourselves and through interactive learning and exercises look into our psychological, emotional and spiritual natures.  It is a process that helps to develop our awareness.

The seminar series not only coaches us to have a more conscious relationship with ourselves and others, but in its deepest aspects reconnects us to the mystical nature of life and all existence.


One of the major components of the course looks at how to deal with 'push buttons'.  In our relationships with others the 1001 things pass unnoticed.  Then 'our front doorbell rings' in response to a chance remark, or a deliberate insult seems to lock on like a guided missile and hit right on target.

The Self-Transformation Seminar promotes breath, the movement of Prana around the body as one of the tools within the process to deal with and release issues as they arise.  We can also use the simple technique to work through embedded issues and past psychological traumas that have become locked in our cellular memory and systems.  Left unattended, emotional knocks and negotiating life tribulations can become chronic conflicts that disturb and stunt our growth.  Lodged in our cellular tissue, they show up as disease and dysfunction and inhibit us from reaching our full potential.

The Process of Self-Transformation Seminar uses a technique of bodily scanning, and deep belly breathing.  Participants practise this breathing in order to loosen and release the energy response to regain a sense of equanimity around the incident.  It is not about reliving past trauma but rather being aware of it and its effect on the body.

A major component of the ST process involves clarification of personal values and the hierarchical nature of universal, societal and personal values.

One of the most striking features of unrest and unease that became apparent is when personal values that have been papered over or ignored increasingly become compromised by the nature of the work or life circumstances you are currently engaged in.  Through examining personal and societal values, it often throws up the realisation that they are at odds with universal values, the principles that inform all major religions and the highest potential of being a human being.  Universal values / principles are those that are essentially altruistic and attune to one's spiritual core or Higher Self. The Self-Transformation process emphasises the importance of aligning our societal and personal values with universal values.

The TS motto – no religion higher than truth – calls us to live by the principles of universal truths.  We often ask what they are and try to define them in rational terms, often leading to confusion and conflict.  The 'truth' we speak of is essentially universal principles, like the universal law of cause and effect (karma) or the law of cycles (where our ideas of reincarnation come from) and many more.  Understanding the principles without becoming attached to fixed ideas around them is important in ST.   This leads to the formation of the realisation of how our own personal and cultural conditioning affects our view of reality.

DIRECTOR OF STUDIES:            John Vorstermans

DATES:   Friday 05 October  (9.15 am) to  Sunday  07 October  (4.30 pm) 2018

VENUE: Auckland Theosophical Centre, 4 Warborough Avenue, Epsom, Auckland

REGISTRATION COST: Registration for members $85 and non-members of $155 non-refundable fee for the three days.

This includes registration, lunch served daily (Fri-Sat-Sun) and morning and afternoon teas.  To secure a place, payment must accompany registration form.  Phone bookings cannot be accepted.


10 Warborough Avenue, Epsom, Auckland

Shared accommodation is available for an additional $80 which includes a self-serve breakfast daily in the upstairs kitchen.

This applies to out of town attendees only for up to four nights and non-members of space is available

NOTE:  Accomodation is now full so that part of the registration is closed now.  Still some seats available but without accomodation.

REGISTRATION:  Please note places are limited.  To secure a place all persons attending the school are required to download and complete the Registration form and send to 18 Belvedere Street, Epsom, Auckland, 1051, together with the full registration fee.  or fill out the form below and pay by debit or credit card.

NOTE:  Accomodation is now full so that part of the registration is closed now.  Still some seats available but without accomodation.

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