Theosophy - Science Seminar

19 Oct to 21 Oct 2016
Theosophy and Science Seminar

The Theosophy - Science seminar has a focus on exploring where Science and Spirituality meet. This event follows the Indo-Pacific Conference in Auckland, bringing together scientists and people interested in science to share some of their research.
Speakers are currently being organised for this conference from Australia and New Zealand with the possibility of speakers from further abroad also.

Theme:  Where Science and Spirituality Meet

Location: Auckland Theosophical Centre, 4 Warborough Ave, Epsom, Auckland  

Dates: Wednesday 19 October to Friday 21 October 2016

Start Time:  6 pm Wednesday 19th with dinner followed by the opening.

Finish time:  9 pm Friday 21 October.


Wednesday 19 October
3.00pm Registration
6.00pm Dinner
7.30pm Welcome and opening of Seminar
  Opening Address by Assoc Prof. Victor Gostin, PhD:
   The Reality of the Mental World:  a modern take on the    Noosphere
Thursday 20 October

A Quest for a Bridge - Jacques Mahnich


Has science Discovered the Etheric Body? - Prof. Richard Silberstein, BSc Hons (Physics), PhD (Neurophysiology)


H. P. Blavatsky, Phenomena and Science - Dr Brian Harding MA (Oxon), PhD (ANU), Dip   Prof Writ, Grad Dip Rel Stud.


The Field - Terry Murphy


When Heightened Tools of Consciousness are Turned Upon the Atom  - Murray Stentiford, MSc (Physics)

Friday 21 October

Science Spirituality: Two Faces of One Life - Mahendra P. Singhal


Is humanity now the dominant force for change on our planet? And what should we do about this? - Assoc. Prof. Victor Gostin, PhD


The Aether Underpins Science and Spirituality - Ray Tomes


Science of the Paranormal: an Overview - Dr Brian Harding MA (Oxon), PhD (ANU), Dip   Prof Writ, Grad Dip Rel Stud.

7.30pm, A Project - Jacques Mahnich



Limited accommodation was available at Vasanta house, please note this is now full and alternative accommodation would need to be arranged.

The closest motels for accommodation are:

Ranfurly Evergreen Motel and the website is:
This motel is approximately a 5-7 minute walk to the venue.


Best Western Newmarkete Inn & Suites and the website is:
This motel would be a 15-20 minute walk to the venue, or a taxi ride each way.

Registration and meals which include one dinner and two lunches:    $75
Registration now CLOSED
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