Ukraine / TS & TOS Fundraiser



Supporting Ukraine refugees in Hungary

We have recently received an email from the Theosophical Society, USA President Barbara Hebert and the Theosophical Order of Service American President Ananya Sri Ram Rajan regarding a joint effort fundraiser for Ukrainian refugees, via TOS/TS USA, in collaboration with the TOS in Hungary.

These funds will go through to the TOS in Hungary and be used for food, medicines and other material needs the refugees require.

The Theosophical Society and TOS in New Zealand are collecting donations from around New Zealand to support this very urgent project. 


Please watch this brief video from TSA President Barbara Hebert, Ph.D. and Theosophical Order of Service America President Ananya Sri Ram Rajan about a joint effort to help those in Ukraine and around the world. 

To donate to this project via New Zealand please send donations by Direct Credit to:

TOS  New Zealand, Account Number:   03-0104-0088756-03  (Enter your NAME and UKRAINE in the reference field). 

Send your name and address via email for a receipt to Refugee Project. <-- (click on the link)

Please share this information with members and friends.

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns, either Carol Collier at or John Vorstermans at

Best wishes,
John Vorstermans
National President


There is work that we can do from the inner worlds to support our sisters and brothers in the Ukraine - through meditation each of us can participate in the daily rolling meditation.   Lets link up from New Zealand to all those like-minded from around the world.  Here are some meditation ideas to start with:

“O Powers of Love, we pledge to you our faithfulness,
knowing that only love can redeem the world.
We invoke your blessing upon all those who strive to serve you.
We invoke your blessing upon all those,
who in these days of unrest,
have to endure suffering.
May they discover their enfoldment in your love
even in the midst of their afflictions.
We invoke your blessing upon all those who willfully inflict suffering.
May they be moved
to return to Thee and serve Thee.”

Start by giving thanks for the peace we have in our lives. Let that gratitude fill your heart. Once you feel comfortable begin

(Inhaling) "I am a channel for peace" 
(Exhaling)"I send peace to the world." 
(Inhaling) "I am a channel for peace"
(Exhaling) "I send peace to the world." 

(Continue as you feel so moved.)